A nice, fat cigar.
It's 70 degrees and sunny. Let's hit a stoge
by stegmaster April 10, 2011
Top Definition
Damn.. if I don't have a stoge soon I'll start havin' withdrawal or some shit..
by Dawn July 03, 2002
another term for a cigarette
hey man, you got another stoge?
by gary March 12, 2005
got any stoges?
by asdf August 15, 2003
Cigerette.. or can be used to mean Smoke a cigerette
" can we stoge in the house? "
by Lisa April 14, 2004
originating from the Conistoga Stogies; cigars smoked by travelers in covered wagons, later shortened to "stoge" refering to a cigarette.
Sally Spicer can smoke a stoge with her twat!
by irate nun September 18, 2003
Another name for Cigarette or cigar.
Hey yo Dawg! You got a stoge!?
by iililjohnii June 16, 2007
it is a code we use to keep teachers from knowing bout r ciggs
you you got any stoges???

man i need a stoge!!
by FIEF May 07, 2003
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