(n) a person who is more of a douchebag than most of the douchebags one commonly encounters. If life was a video game and there was a "douchebag" level, the end boss would be a stoat.

Can also be used as "stoatage", "stoatitude" or "stoatsville"
That guy just illegally parked his $90000 BMW in a handicapped spot, and then chucked his garbage out the window. What a fucking stoat!

Don't bother going to Henry Hudsons on Thursdays--it's total stoatsville.

Did you see that "designer" pre-stressed "vintage" shirt that girl was wearing? That shit was infinite stoatage.
by stoat watch dot com June 13, 2007
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Guy Code (tm) for an amazingly hot girl.
Did you guys see that stoat? Tasty!
by Pupazz March 10, 2003
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