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stkr, member of ZuneBoards. Name stands for 'Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles'. The 'R' has no meaning. Does NOT stand for: 'Striker, Skater, Stalker, Super Tough Killer Robot, Steak and Rice, Stupid Teens Kicking Rabbits'.
That stkr, member of ZuneBoards, is epic win.
by stkr March 13, 2010
Slang for country rock. Sex, tractors, killing, and rock n roll. Sometimes pronounced as "Sticker" or "Steak and Rice"
Yo dawg I heard you liked Steak and Rice

stkr is a contradictory genre, like Scottish Koreans or Albino Lifeguards.
by Beev March 15, 2010
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