When you're too high to smoke any more weed.
"Don't pass the joint to Steve man, that dude is fucking stizzy."
by Killer Cam November 29, 2006
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1. Describing someone who is abnormally better than everyone else.
2. Opposite of a slizzy.
3. Just about the coolest penguin ever.
1. Whoa, Sashi is totally stizzy
2. Dude, she is such a stizzy. I <3 her
3. Stizzy rocks.
by Sashi April 11, 2005
To be something of the cool sense. As in being a cool kid.

im so stizzy ice is scared of me.
by Nielly_Jonte July 19, 2008
The local mini-mart in your neighborhood. Usually refers to an indepently owned mini-mart, though may also include chain marts.

'Stizzy' is a permutation of 'stizzo' originating from 'sto' which is a 'store'.
"I'm going' to the stizzy. Anyone need anything?"
by PaPaPhreaky December 30, 2004
short for "bed-stizzy" aka "bed-stuy"...there is also a bar / lounge in bed-stizzy called "stizzy"
"i'm goin' over to stizzy to check out that band."
by T R U E June 02, 2005

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