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A stipple is a slang word for a stiff nipple, usually on females cuming out of a cool environment supporting stiff erect nipples
"Check out the stipples on that babe"

"woa, stipples"
by Slim_superman February 16, 2006
31 8
Stiff Nipples. Usually occurs when you're cold or excited. More likely for women.
"Damn its cold in here... im going to get stipples"
by brydan September 17, 2006
20 6
a nipple that looks like if it came close enough,it could severely stab you.
I was really worried our techer was going to stab me with those stipples coming out of his tight shirt!
by booey101 January 27, 2007
13 5
One form used to describe a form of body piercing specifically in the nipple area. Stapled nipple(s) one might say.
"Dude, She just showed me her stipple!"

"I'm feeling random. I think i want to go to the village and get some stipples."
by JayStylz October 11, 2011
0 5