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A stipple is a slang word for a stiff nipple, usually on females cuming out of a cool environment supporting stiff erect nipples
"Check out the stipples on that babe"

"woa, stipples"
by Slim_superman February 16, 2006
Stiff Nipples. Usually occurs when you're cold or excited. More likely for women.
"Damn its cold in here... im going to get stipples"
by brydan September 17, 2006
a nipple that looks like if it came close enough,it could severely stab you.
I was really worried our techer was going to stab me with those stipples coming out of his tight shirt!
by booey101 January 27, 2007
One form used to describe a form of body piercing specifically in the nipple area. Stapled nipple(s) one might say.
"Dude, She just showed me her stipple!"

"I'm feeling random. I think i want to go to the village and get some stipples."
by JayStylz October 11, 2011
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