comes from "stealing" and "sips". STIPS are the extra sips taken from a soda fountain, followed by refilling, before paying for the drink.
"I watched some guy take a whole cupful of stips before paying for his drink"
by Flyn Hawaiin July 31, 2009
Top Definition

an exclamatory word

1. used when something surprising, exciting, unexpected, joyful, frightening, awesome, enlightening, happens.

2. used after someone makes a joke or gets pwned or fried by a joke

3. a city in Macedonia
1. I got into Harvard. OH STIP!
2. "Dude your mom is so hot...," says Bob. "Well, your mom is HOTTER...both of them," says Jim. "STIP!" says John, and high fives Jim
3. Have you been to Stip? Her people are lovely.
by eclipse777 April 07, 2009
To strip in a Baltic fashion
In America, you might strip, but us Estonians stip.
by porando November 04, 2009
the everlasting pwnage coming from a pseudo social encounter, with or without humiliation
Well, the complexities of stip are quite profound, Ive found it pertinent to include a scenario to induce the situation. One day 2 kids happen to be working on the same math homework and there is a monkey nearby. The first screams, "chinkooooooooooooooooo!"
the monkey says a"fffuuuuck". In this case, the monkey got stipped.
by slint April 22, 2009
To describe something awesome
Yo bro that shit was stip
by Jimmyjo56 April 29, 2009
an exclamation, used when something exciting, surprising, scary, awesome, unexpected, positively stimulating, happens
"When I found out that Stip was a city in Macedonia, I was like 'OH STIP'"
by e.chen April 06, 2009
Some one who cant figure out that simplest problems.
that kid that came in today was a stip.
by tdef January 04, 2012
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