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not to be confused with stinky ball or stinky balls.

n. 1. slang for feces, usually when it's not a long, but rather a lot of hard, cylindrical balls. the 'stinky' part comes from the fact that, well, it fucking stinks.
man I just did stinkyballs in my pants, It's gonna be a squishy night at the bowling alley.
by Smelly Salts October 28, 2013
What you get after having sex with some scank.
The coolest website in the world. Everything and anything you wanted to know about the stink that comes from your love sacks.
Ex #1: Man, that guys balls must really stink... suffering from a case of stinky balls

Ex #2: That bitch gave me a case of stinky balls.
by DJ Burn November 13, 2007