To fart into one's cup shaped hand and throw the stinking air into another's face.
"My room mate Dan threw a stink fist at me today"
by Peter Underguard January 15, 2009
It has to be the physical literal meaning gross as that is. "Fingers deeper in the border line, this may hurt a little but its something you'll get used to, Relax" that stuff about overstimulation fits here too.
1) The bass at the beginning of Stinkfist is sweet.
2) Haha, looks like you got a little 3rd base action last night, walking around sporting that stinkfist.
by Sc46and2 February 15, 2005
a fist that comes out of a stinky twat after fisting it.
She started talking shit to me so i put my stinkfist in her mouth.
by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
This song can be interperted in many ways "by digging deeper" he may be talking about drugs, and the way he needs more to fill his craveing. Another logical reason is he is having sex and his "digging" to find something. He may be doing either.
Track #1
by Ryan April 30, 2004
a tool song about anal stimulation.

finger deep withing the forderline show me that you love me and that we belong together.

nuckle then elbow then shoulder

relax turn around and take my hand.

its about fisting ur ass. if you listen to it you will get it.
listen to the song stinkfist by tool and you will see what i mean
by snaazberrys June 10, 2007
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