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To Hurt Someone, Beat Them Up. Or to Beat The Shit Out Of Someone.
Hand ova da yayo or git stilled.

Watch wut u sayin or I'll still ya.
by HoMiE G-ThaNg BaBy April 30, 2006
To punch someone one time so hard they do not punch back and or just give up fighting.
yoe dog; he was up in my grill all day long about leaving him at the party with that skanky hoe. I told him to step and he kept trippin so I had still on him.
by Darin March 26, 2004
To have sex with a partner while punching the sex partner
Rico: Man, Dave is into some Fucked up shit.
Peter: Yeah, I heard that he stilled this one bitch so hard she had to go to the E.R.
Rico: Damn
Peter: Yeah...
by Kondor May 28, 2006
In this age of political correctness, it is now frowned upon to use derogitory terms to refer to individuals that belong to certain ethic groups, or have a particular unnatural sexual persuasion (i.e. n*gger, p*ki, c*on, f*g, h*mo, po*f...I think you get the idea). Anyway, despite the fact you can't call them that anymore, it doesn't change anything. They still are what they are...hence "Still".
e.g. "I say Tarquin, look at that group of Stills hanging around near that bus shelter. I think I had better cross the road so they don't mug me."
by The Evil Wat. July 14, 2006