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Probably one of the most unusual and most interesting personality types you will ever find. The Stiffie Steve (Stifferific Steve as it's known in scientific terms), has been described as being similar to a dog with it's pink thing hanging out. By this, we mean that a Stiffie Steve will generally hump anything that isn't nailed down.

Stiffie Steve's natural habitat is club X (porn store). The centralised locations of these stores have been advantageous to the survival of Stiffie Steve.
"Dammit Stiffie Steve, get your tool out of my sister!"
"For the last time, if you're going to make a mess on my couch Stiffie Steve, you're not staying over again..."
"Didn't you already have a wank like 5 minutes ago Stiffie Steve?"
by StiffieSteve May 29, 2008
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This word comes from the word: stiffie
And it means a hot mother fucken weight liften, Bec rooting, hard cock mother fucker!
StiffieSteve sure did pump that bitch in the crapper pipe!
by Steve April 21, 2005
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