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not generous, especially with money
My boss is so sticky shit !!!
He is so sticky shit to give money to charity.
by jeeza November 28, 2005
Stingy or tight-fisted, derived from the Thai phrase 'kee niaow' kee = shit; niaow = sticky.

Usually applied to people who have plenty of money, but are loath to spend it.
by HasipHasip January 09, 2010
A shit that refuses to let go of one's anus. They like to hang onto hair, cheek, and whatever else they can get a hold of. They tends to have a consistency similar to that of uncooked pizza-dough, and take considerable contraction of the sphincter to break loose. This often creates a huge mess, and requires copious amounts of toilet paper to clean up, leaving the bearer's asshole very raw.

They generally occur when the bearer hasn't eaten enough fiber.
Sorry I was in the bathroom so long. I was taking a wicked sticky shit! Also, somebody broke your toilet.
by Quacker1 February 19, 2008