1. A neo nazi racist live webcam site for white people where negros aren't welcome and is being ran by a team of nazis. 2. To go live on the computer and spout racist insane babel to black people.
1. If you wanna meet some neo nazis, go to stickam.com.

2. My best friend is black and he's a victim on stickam.com.

3. Let's get on the webcam and stickam someone to death.
by Shitface and Psychs February 02, 2010
Top Definition
An webcam based chat site where the rules are simple.

1.tits or gtfo.
lolim16: Hi guys whats up I'm new to Stickam!
ilikepie: tits or gtfo
lolim16: haha! what? you're funny!
fbipartyvan: hi...
ilikepie: oh shi-
by rainbowfrogs December 02, 2006
1. A place where pedophiles, sex offenders, and desperate guys go to try to get some action without violating their parole.

2. Also an ego booster for chubby, average, decent looking girls to get attention because everyone knows nothing gets 130 viewers like smushing your B cups in your little sister's bra.

3. Advertisements
*vaginatarian has entered the room
jailbait2009: hey
vaginatarian: SHOW SOME TITZ
*vaginatarian has left the room
This is basically stickam
by theguyyoualwayskickonstickam January 20, 2010
A website similar to myspace where members can join a chatroom and watch their friends on webcam.

strangers sometimes come into rooms and are very rude.
Dude Vikkie is giving a free cam show on STICKAM

lets go watch
by Calvin Riley June 28, 2007
A site for underage whores.
"My uncle was on Stickam last night. Now he's in jail."
"I blame the whores."
by gnomad July 09, 2009
a place for losers with no lives can come together and get on webcams and talk to other losers about everday bullshit.
typical stickam convo
loser 1: ugh my day was so hard
loser 2: tell me about it
loser 1: well first jenny came into school dressed like me and then i had a math test and it totally blew and blah blah blah
loser 2: oh...wanna take your shirt of ive never had any real interaction with a women before
by pazzienza January 23, 2009
stickam is where the entirety of the internet goes to try and successfully net some e-booty but it turns out that any idiot who has ever tried this will never get laid now or in the future
stickam faggot: hey bb lets go prvt
stickam bitch: k
stickam faggot: how do u like my dick
stickam bitch: LAWL
stickam faggot has left the chat
by danny snazzy October 22, 2006
a known environment where many male and female (sometimes trannies) species come to associate. where the males like to show displays to impress the females, to mate, to love, to scare, to hurt (lol). A false haven where you can come to when things get rough in real life to numb out the pain. to forget about the world that is going around them. Usually a tranquil location until tempers flare. full of "lol"'s smileys and flirtation. usually the species are called stickers. they either join a huge group or start their own group.
person 1: omg i'm so inloveee
person 2: awww! well, how long has it been?
person 1: omg its almost been a whole month!!
person 2: i'm happy for you! i wish i found love :/
person 1: no worries! just be lucky i'm bi ;D
person 2: mmmm (; well where did you meet this boy?
person 1: oh from stickam, he told me i was pretty and it was love at first site(: <3
by <---------- January 21, 2010
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