a known environment where many male and female (sometimes trannies) species come to associate. where the males like to show displays to impress the females, to mate, to love, to scare, to hurt (lol). A false haven where you can come to when things get rough in real life to numb out the pain. to forget about the world that is going around them. Usually a tranquil location until tempers flare. full of "lol"'s smileys and flirtation. usually the species are called stickers. they either join a huge group or start their own group.
person 1: omg i'm so inloveee
person 2: awww! well, how long has it been?
person 1: omg its almost been a whole month!!
person 2: i'm happy for you! i wish i found love :/
person 1: no worries! just be lucky i'm bi ;D
person 2: mmmm (; well where did you meet this boy?
person 1: oh from stickam, he told me i was pretty and it was love at first site(: <3
by <---------- January 21, 2010
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