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Sicilian word for "Cunt".
Since italian language has genders,
it is worth marking the following singularity:
"sticchio" is masculine
(in fact it ends with -o)
in a symmetrically equal and opposite way to
"minchia" (Cock), which is feminine
(in fact it ends with -a).

Anyway, all that has got nothing to do with transgenderism.
"Ti va di aprire lo sticchio?"
Would you please open your cunt?

"Appena mi vide, quella ragazza si bagnò lo sticchio"
That girl got her cunt wet as soon as she saw me

"Che bello sticchio che hai! Dove l'hai comprato?"
What a beautiful cunt you have! Where did you buy it?

"Era vergine, così dovetti trapanarle lo sticchio con la mia minchia"
She was a virgin, so I had to drill her cunt with my cock
by tonylittlebull August 17, 2008
Italian word for Pussy, but also used to call a female very good looking or hot in an english speaking sentence.
OMG, look at that Sticchio over there!! ooffah
by Gee Bo January 04, 2009
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