1. Acronym of the phrase "Shut the fuck up" which is commonly used amongst teenagers and on MSN

2. Acronym of the phrase "Squad the fuck up". It is used the Battlefield game series (Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142) and is used when one believes there is lack of teamwork when there are no squads. By saying this, people will make squads and improve the teamwork, therefore, making a better chance of winning.
--Example 1--
Kevin: STFU man ur annoying
John: kk Rudd FTW

--Example 2--
Tanman: Squad the fuck up!
John: kk
by Tanman123 July 25, 2008
Commonly taken for "shut the fuck up," really means:

Sexy Tofu Fucking Underground.
Bob, look down this manhole... STFU!
by RedHatCore September 27, 2005
St. Fu, Patron Saint of Ninjas
Before the Battle of Hu Lao Gate, Many Ninjas prayed to STFU for victory
by Lt. Handjob September 09, 2005
In NGC's book, stfu is when he drops something, or if he won, or both.
|09:39| »» +Neo_Genocide_City for the final time
|09:40| »» +Neo_Genocide_City STFU
by Gunner112k August 21, 2003
Shortened verison of Shut The Fuck Up.
Oi, bitch STFU, You should STFU.
by tris penkal July 12, 2006
Acronym: Start the funk up
"I'm out to get busy!"

"Well start the funk up!"
by misterchill March 16, 2004
Sink The Fat U-Boats
none needed...i hope
by matt March 27, 2004

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