The state achieved while drunk and high at the same time. The word pulls its roots from a maritime dialect known as Chiac and is a combination of saoul (the french word for drunk) and stoned. An alternative is the word crunk.
Me: wow those people are messed up on weed and alcohol.
Arnaud: Ya dude y sont stewed (translation: ya dude there stewed)
by Benj claytor December 20, 2010
Top Definition
drunk; inebriated. Under the influence of alcohol.
I was so stewed at that party last night.
by HSTism June 11, 2006
When in beer pong, a player sinks the ball in the drinking cup of another player and the first player's partner immediately repeats the action yielding a double sunk drinking cup. The first sink ends the game, the second sink results in the player being "stewed." The result of being "stewed" is a permanent ending of the player's beer pong career.
"Holy shit...I've never seen anyone get stewed before. You just got owned in beer pong."
by zombiejesus666420 April 04, 2009
A far cooler alternative to owned, pwned, or served that generally means you were dissed. Most effective following a bad "your mom" joke.
Anne: Well that was pretty quick.
Amanda: Your mom was pretty quick...last night!
Cara: OHHHHH you just got STEWED!
by ShivaPie December 23, 2005
Adj - 1. In effect when something has gotten or become totally screwed up. 2. Facing the possible iminent threat of physical harm.
"The awards we're totally stewed!"

"You're stewed, buttwad!"
by UA August 26, 2004
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