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Stevie Nicks is a (now) legendary rock singer known for her "witchy" image and persona. Her songs are usually dark, with cryptic, yet personal, lyrics. She is a solo artist as well as a vital member of rock band Fleetwood Mac. She is very talented and is heard to be a very warm and sweet woman. Plus, she is friggin' gorgeous!
"Look, she is playing that tambourine like Stevie Nicks!"

"I'm wearing my Stevie Nicks outfit."
by JS May 30, 2004
262 48
1. a very talented woman of incredible and well-known blues-rock band, fleetwood mac whom has also set out to have a pretty succesful solo career. ("edge of seventeen").

2. the hottest older woman on the face of the earth.
1. stevie nicks kicks ASS!

2. shit, i'd do her!
by m. wuornos January 19, 2005
192 45
Told to me by an older friend who did a lot of blow in the 70's, a "Stevie Nicks" (n) is the act of blowing cocaine via a drinking straw up your partners ass-hole. Apparently it gets the recipient pretty high. Stevie herself was known to enjoy this special treat from time to time.
Give me a Stevie Nicks, biotch.
by Sean Barhammy February 09, 2005
99 184
A Witch who sings like a goat.
fans:Miss Nicks,could you sing a quick Fleetwood Mac for us?

Stevie Nicks: "baaaa baaaa baaaa"

fans: oh wow she was great,she looks great
59 282