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A period of time where you're feeling really lazy and can't be bothered doing anything.
"Wanna go play a round of hoops?"


"Steven Syndrome.. psh, geez man"
by Esther Cheung February 08, 2008
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The misfortune of believing you are worth more or are better than others simply by the malicious and oppressive personality you obtain. Has no sense of reality or conscience and unable to comprehend empathy. Has huge ego without reason.
Did you see what Steven did to his girlfriends?

Yeah, he has Steven syndrome. He is a complete hypocrite.
by nemo#300 June 05, 2011
noun: (steev sin drome) when an individal has the misfortune to always be surrounded by people of the name "steven"
abby is always around steves, she must have steven syndrome.

steve cunningham is awesome.
by steve cunningham March 13, 2008

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