any bald guy that acts tough and cool around others.
"Did you see that bartender that cut off serving me tequila shots, he got all Steve Wilkos on me when I wouldn't leave."
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
Top Definition
Former marine and police officer. Best known for being security at the jerry springer show and host of the steve wilkos show.
steve wilkos is one bad ass mofo, I watch his show everyday
by tonitewedineinhell March 21, 2008
An ex security guard from the ''Jerry Springer Show'' that some how got his own show where he yells at people he doesnt know about their siuation that he knows nothing about. His show ,definitely a buzz kill, will have you wanting to reach through the screen and T-bag his bitch ass. All of his lie detecter test comes out negative.
Facts (or not) about Steve Wilkos:
He has a low sperm count and hairy back
Likes to gargle peanut butter for recreational activities
drives a Prius
Has a relationship with Jerry comparable to that of Bird Man and Lil Wayne
He hopes to one day get the viewer ratings of his dad
Really enjoys throwing chairs
Has a tattoo of Jerry on his ass
Friend:I need help doing a report at school about bald bitches, can u point me in the right direction?
You: No problem. Professor Xaviar, rnb singer Cassie, and Steve Wilkos
by Nerd Nasty November 26, 2009
An arrogant piece of shit rent-a-cop and ape. He is currently the host of a shitty day time T.V. show call the "Steve Wilkos Show" (such an ego!) This man is a freakin' joke and just has a large ego! Another thing, many of his guest are actors who gettin' paid for being yelled at for an hour.

He's nothing but a big bully who likes to pick on smaller people, but you know if somebody larger than him comes around, he back down like the bitch he is.
steve wilkos is a rampaging buffoon with a big mouth and a bigger ego.
by Belly Rubber August 19, 2008
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