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He is the epitome of the word "leader". He inspires courage in others to the point where they can't even believe they are capable of such abilities. His is true to himself, and 99% of the world looks up to him.
"the captain"

by ArchDevil October 29, 2004
1.) Hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings. Wears number 19, and is the teams Captain and has been for over a decade.

2.) A living legend. One of the top five best men to ever play the game. He has accumulated over 1700 points in his illustrious career, and is still going strong.

3.) A strong, determind man. He fights through injuries and pain and scoring droughts with dignity.

4.) A true champion.
1.) There's Steve Yzerman... he shoots, he scores!

2.) Holy cow, what a career this man has had.

3.) In game 56 Stevie Y was hit with a high stick in the face, lost one tooth, and bashed four others in--he needs to wear braces for the next 6 weeks to see if he can salvage them. And you know what? He played in game 57.

4.) There's Steve Yzerman with the Stanley Cup.
by Mr. Shmallow February 13, 2004
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