A word you can’t say without sounding like something else that may or may not be considered perverted or inappropriate.

Can be considered a part of speech, in which case it is abreviated "std."
Bilbo (the little bear in that game... "Bilbo")
Qumquat (sometimes spelled cumquat)
Nailed (whichever kind you prefer)

"Touching" is often thought of as a sterd because it implies something other than what it really means.
by Ann & Allegra August 05, 2009
Top Definition
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDS), a slang word for STDS
"Josh gave me a sterd!"
by himynameissterd January 01, 2010
bastard; a colloquial derivation of the word bastard, pronounced "bay-sterd," shortened for ease of use and to avoid offending the more prudish listener/reader.
Gimme the remote, ya sterd...I hate this show!
by Aarhus June 16, 2009
a combination of a stupid person and a nerd. they are nerdy with all things to be learned, but have absolutely no common sense.
"hey did you see that nerd"
"yeah but i hear she has no common sense"
"that sterd!!"
by noone rocks April 22, 2009
It's an adjective used to describe an object, an action..or a person

basically, it's a synonym for these...and more...

1. my dude, your sneakers are sterd.
2. me and my squad are on sterd status tonight, you dig?
by Emily and Ty February 24, 2008
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