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a butiful girl dating Alan!
Stephani wer u at
by mmorales.alan October 07, 2008
beatiful girl, who likes many guys at a time but will fall hard for a guy who isnt in her guidelines. very lovealble, romantic type. amazing kisser.
stephani is amazing
by malcolmcellota April 08, 2009
A name that parent not from this country usually give there daughters.

These type of girls can be short in height and doesn't wear make-up but likes to get good grades in class or can be the exact opposite and is monster tall, serious make-up and doesnt remember ever being in school.

These type of girls love to have a small group of little slave girls that follow her around and to admire her style.

The male verison of this name would usually be a black guy that usually drives a little white car.
Pedro: 'eh, ese. Did you see that big nigga Stephani ?'

Old Man:'Nahh, That nigga left.'
by ExxtraBig August 28, 2008