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Actions related to protecting your rep. Do something that will get noticed because you're being punked off. Generally seen as premeditated instrumental violence vs impulsive and explosive.
Locale: Western Canadian prisons.
If this guy don't shut up I'm gonna have to step out and blade him.
Sometimes the best thing to do when you roll into a new joint is "step out" on the first spoke so people don't take you for a bitch.
by arawn13 December 01, 2007
To cheat on one's boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, husband or wife.
Why did yo step out on me, bitch?
by TDF-prez June 12, 2007
Have a night out of the house. Usually involves drinking or some other method of distorting reality in a town or city. Also may include rowdy behavior and possibly jail.
I am going to step out Tonight !
by LIRR Guy September 24, 2003
leavin to go to a party or a club in a new outfit
From Big Gipp Feat. Sleepy Brown, "Steppin Out"
by Bridget September 24, 2003
to step out...
1)...on ones own or with friends is to go out for a night on the town - clubbing, pubbing, whatever takes your fancy.
2)...with a special someone who is your girl/boyfriend on a date.
1)you stepping out tonight?

2)you know john's stepping out with lucy?!
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
Back off.
You need to step out of here before I get up in yo' face. (HA!)
by Allison September 25, 2003