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(n.) 1. A domicile that is undersized, uncared for, and in a general state of disrepair unbecoming for human habitation (i.e. a drug den or a cheap slob's apartment). 2. An abandoned or condemned building.
Man 1: "Did you hear Tony's out of the pokey and he's already back on the sauce?"

Man 2: "Yeah the bastard called me, but when I went to walk in and smelled the stench, I wasn't about to hang out at that step above a cardboard box."

Bum 1: "I'm finally off these filthy streets."

Bum 2: (sarcastically) "Listen to Richie Rich over here. 'I'm so special. I'm living in a step above a cardboard box.' Oooh. Well I guess you're better than me now, aren't ya?"
by T.C. "The Chad" November 10, 2007
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