a nice butt/ass. A way to describe a female with a sweet rear end. Like the stem of a plant, the butt serves as a solid foundation. Used especially for well-shaped asses, not necessarily big.
-"Eyo that bitch got stem"

-"Bro that's my sister.."

"I can't wait to plant ma seed in her stem if yu know what i mean"
by _aidz_ March 05, 2012
part of a shroom
by s September 08, 2003
Someone who appears not to have a head at all. Misses all jokes and is beyond blond.
Cedric, you STEM!
by Ian January 21, 2004
the dick, not including the head.
when u jack w/ no lube, u usually only play w/ the stem.
by Jay May 29, 2003
A fool, or idiotic person. A loser.
That kid's a fuckin' stem!
by Adrock August 29, 2005
Referring to someone mildly retarded. Personal hygiene is usually pathetically poor, with remarkably atrocious breath; A slang term used for someone with Cerebral Palsy, in regards to their wobble walk, slurred speech, and childish antics. These same people tend to be short tempered individuals expressing violence and rage. Furthermore, these individuals are power seeking, vertically and physically challenged little dweebs. Counting and other basic mathematical skills are typically absent in these individuals.
John: "Hey Stem can you count how many cards you have?"
Stem: "Derrrr ONE, 2, Niner, 4 seven...duhhhhhhhh buh buh buh."
John: "Good Job Drip Dick!"
by John February 27, 2005
it is another word for Weed or Marijuana
Do you have any stem?
by Rob August 02, 2004

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