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To be humped in the face by a dog
I was laying on the floor and your dog Steined me.
by boatgirl83 October 29, 2009
a general term used to define, in a work environment, the act of your superior or owner of a company verbally abusing a person or team for a mistake or *perceived mistake*. Sometimes confused with the act of 'getting schadomized'.
The client fired us so I got called into the big office and was steined for my mistakes. or The boss yelled at me today and reminded me over and over how poor of an employee I am, I got steined like never before.
by Not R&R July 18, 2006
When your little monkey boss makes a homo pass at you.
"Eric Stein steined me today. What a fag."
by SK+G January 20, 2008
the act of a fat chick sucking a guys dick while he is passed out
Person 1: "What happened with me and Kayla last night?"
Person 2: "Dude, she totally steined you!!"
by creepin jenny's December 03, 2010
To cheat a friend at a video game, then deny it.
My friend Rob Steined me when we played Madden.
by thuglove January 07, 2009