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Hot female that likes to bang bang bang.
<@stef> you want to stick it in my ass?
<@Inigoesdr> :o
by Inigoesdr October 19, 2004
1. Stef is Miss. fancy pants coolio number 1!!!!
2. the EFF does make her cool
3. She owns all, like a goddess in the sky!:o
4. Dont mess with her ill kick your ass to china, BIATCH
5. Another ho of Snake
6. Best friends with Deneanerz
7. <3s the inches!
<@stef> I KNOW!! its the eff!
by DeneanerZzZz October 05, 2004
Stef is Awesome, <3 Stef lol zerg rush
See: Awesome
Ducky says Stef is AWESOME! which is most likely true
by The Rare Duck February 01, 2005
A geekgrrl, in every sense of the word.
<@stef> omg, you r0x0r, kthx! LEET!
by `Derek October 06, 2004
1. Matriarch geekgrrl of #stef.
2. A girl.
3. über 31337 friendly type of Deneanerz and `Derek et al.
1: <@stef> :o
2: <Snake> OMGWTF A GIRL? Can't be...
3: <@stef> omg hi Deneanerz, `Derek!
by The FBI October 04, 2004
A girl who have a secret sex fantasy about MrH2o
<stef> me so horny wanna boom boom ?
by MrH2o October 08, 2004
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