When a man simultaneously fucks a girl doggy style and eats a steak off her back. Commonly known as the ultimate male experience.
Yo dude, its awesome being a steerer!
by Max "Tracy's Boy" Krosser December 19, 2008
Top Definition
The wheel that you use to directionate your car. Usually in the drivers side of the car unless you're a mailman or from the United Kingdom. It's shaped like a circle and helps a lot. (8year old definition)
"Marty, what do you call that thing you drove with the car again?" "A steerer"
by MartyJay04 May 20, 2013
An employee of a horse breeding farm who directs the penis of the stallion into the vagina of the mare with his hands.
"That stallion was so randy, he almost kicked the steerer in the face."

"I paid my way through college working as a steerer."
by GregorSamsa August 28, 2005
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