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a persons style, pretaining mainly to snowboarding styles
Don't bite the 413 Steaz because it is the most bad ass of all
by lust November 28, 2003
51 21
This is an integrated culmination of the words 'style' and 'ease'
That mustached man leaning on the wall is so steazy. That cyclist is no noob, he's got some steaz. I got coffee at Stumptown today...their coffee reeks of steaz. His beard is so steazalicious. The world lost a significant amount of steaz when Steve Jobs passed.
by J.Steazy October 28, 2011
10 2
Accepted shortened word for steazy
"Yo Phil that sweatshirt is steaz."
by RFIACBHIIAEN February 27, 2009
11 9
A girl's genitals; origin- Crankyankers
"I'mma run up in dem steaz tonight!"
by dsc2q March 21, 2009
14 29