A kind of pipe used in the smoking of marijuana. This pipe is a long tube, akin to a bong, having both ends open, with the bowl on top. The far end is covered by your hand, pressing the other end comfortably around you mouth. You inhale the smoke so that it fills the tube (also called a chamber), then you release you hand allowing the smoke to rush into you lungs. Often this act can cause one to cough harshly, wherein the true nature of the steam-roller is realized.
Break out that steam-roller.
You're gonna get rolled.
by Christ_X October 14, 2005
When you and your partner are laying next to each other, and one of you RANDOMLY roll over the other person while slowly saying STEAM ROLLER!

This is not sexual, nor does it involve drugs, this does Not have to be done by couples. Just the randomness and slow words "steam roller" make's the whole thing funny.
Man I don't get it..... We were just quietly watching a movie and she Just Randomly starts saying "STEAM ROLLER" and started rolling over me Back and forth! Man I laughed!

Man I tell you I woke up great this morning Traci came over and woke me up by steam rollering me! I woke up like WTF! Then I realized I was stream rolled! Man I love waking up laughing -

See that girl over there sun tanning you should totally go steam roll her!
by YourBRIBRI October 03, 2010
A steam roller is achieved when you lay beside your partner and suddenly pass gas, at which point you quickly proceed to roll over them. The weight of your body during the roll, will cause your partner to clench and hold their breath. By the time you roll off the other side, your partner will gasp violently after holding their breath for so long, by which point your foul gas should be well dispersed in the air. If done correctly, your partner will have inhaled a good amount of your stink and be reeling in horror!
My girl was expecting a dutch oven so i hit her with a steam roller instead. She is no longer my girl....
by Tampa 2 January 05, 2013
When a girl is on top of a guy and she climbs up onto his chest and does a huge dump. Then rolls back and forward over it with her ass cheeks.
Dude I was with this HOT girl last night until she tried to give me the steam roller and I punched her in the face/
by PseudonymChild January 21, 2009
the sexual act of dumping on your partners chest then rubbing it around with your ass
Jon: Do you smell that?
Steve: ya it smells like Lucy gave Alex a steamroller.
Jon: aw!! In my ROOM!!!
by Metal Ninja 13 December 20, 2009
rolling over someone's penis with your leg.
"do you like the steamroller" ;)
by numanuma** May 11, 2010
a sexual posistion. the woman in a wheel chair cuts a hole in the chair and smokes a cigarette while the man inserts his penis in her. she then rolls back and forth over allowing the cock to go in and out.
Oh john can we please do the steamroller again tonight? Marcy loves watching us when we do it!
by Big Dick Tom February 03, 2010

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