when a female performs oral sex on a guy followed by her swallowed the sperm. the male then tickles her and watches as cum shoots our her nose
yo i was getting head from this chick and when she finished i gave her the good ole steaming dragon
by lee November 16, 2004
Top Definition
During fellatio, to pull your b'yotches head tightly into your pelvis as you cum and refuse to let go, thus causing her to gasp for breath out of her nose and release hot man sauce from the nasals... hence the "Steaming Dragon".
by Jackaboni April 25, 2003
The steaming dragon, a bizarre-sexual technique, was created from the mixture of 'The dragon' (semen, nose) and 'The cleveland steamer' (excrement, chest.) The steaming dragon consist on you taking a dump into your partner's mouth, who will expell it through her/his nose right onto your chest.
Yo, da bitch steaming dragoned me!
by Nacsotron January 03, 2014
when u r getting a blojob and u blow in the persons mouth and semen comes out their nose
i shot like a steaming dragon in her mouth
by gangsterdillweed May 26, 2007
Jelly Doughnut, sans punch in the nose

Also see : Jelly Doughnut
by Anonymous March 07, 2003

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