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When an alchemist of impeccable skill draws a transmutation circle around his penis; Upon climax, he transmutes his semen into steam, as to intentionally burn his lover.
Ex: "Bro I fired a nice steamen load in her face. Had her walking around looking like the Governor."

Ex 2: "I gave her a nice steamen pie. It was real hot."
by Baby Sweet Relish November 01, 2014
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1. The combination of letting off some steam with angry masturbation which ends with a mess of semen, hence steamen.

2. Literally the combination of anger/steam and sperm.
Joe: Man, I'm really pissed off right now
Mike: Go get some steamen out of your system
Joe: Ok, I'll see ya in 15.
Joe: I'm back
Mike: You got some steamen on your face.
by wondersack May 02, 2011

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