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A ninja fart that has been held in and then is strategically released right as you hear someone else close by rip a big one. That way, EVERYONE, except you, will just think it is ONE HUGE STINKY FART from the other guy!
Since I work with Old Ass Blaster, and only release stealth farts, no one even realizes what a fartist I am.
by Jeff Artist December 29, 2006
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Ripping off a loud or otherwise massive high quality fart in an adjacent room from people yet they notice it, sometimes leading to giggles. Much like a stealth plane the fart dropper is never seen, only heard.
John walked into the empty restroom and let off a voluminous fart assuming he was in the clear. Little did he know Jane was in the room across the hall and witnessed the explosion, letting out a little giggle. John heard this and was very proud of his sneaky stealth fart.
by Stealthfarter September 14, 2011
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This is when someone else near you farts and gets caught and you fart so that everyone else thinks it was the other person again.
I had to (fart) so bad luckily Billy farted really loud so I could let out a stealth fart.
by Fartgenious May 13, 2011
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A silent and odourless gassy emision coming out from where the sun doesn´t shine, often producing a temperature increase in your underwear. Specilly useful to heat pants and trousers in cold, overcrowded and confined environments.
- Man, is so freaking cold here I can see my breath!
- Yeah, thank god i stealthfarted, at least my butt and weenie are warm now.
by Fartacus, the ancient god May 14, 2012
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