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The covert act of getting fellatio, while prairie dogging. The cock sucker never knows they are giving a blumpkin. Sometimes, the receiver may spray febreze on the prairie dog, to keep it's odor hidden.
stealth blumpkineer: Suck my dick you pseudo hippie bitch. Oh yeah.

fake hippie bitch: (garbled) I love your big, veiny, uncircumcised, French cock. It's better than pussy.

Prairie dog pops out and disappears.

fake hippie bitch: (garbled) Get ready as I deepthroat and rim job you, together.

Prairie dog pops out and gets licked! Sex act stops.

fake hippie bitch: How dare you stealth blumpkin me.

Woman whips out her NRA card and a Desert Eagle. Shoots guys balls off.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic May 31, 2011
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