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The statuspwn, this takes place when an unsuspecting user leaves his or her facebook page logged on or password locked on an unaccompanied computer or laptop.

Then the unthinkable happens, instead of John Smith is going to bed. The result may be as follows:

John Smith is GAY!!1
John Smith is jerking off.
John Smith has no friends and is lonely.
John Smith looks at Child Porn.

Etc. Etc. These take place all over so be aware, and when you do get an unsuspecting friend, don't ever trust them, because they will get you at the right moment.
John: Yo brb, gotta walk the dog.
Chris: Okay man.

*Chris changes his status*

John: God damnit, I just got statuspwnd!
by fattehboi2 August 27, 2008
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