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To update a person's status on a social networking site without their knowledge. Usually done while the person has left their phone or computer unattended.

Combines the words status & hijack.

The word was invented by my friend Meredith after her son Carson had updated her facebook status, yet again, to make fun of his sister Cassidy while Meredith was out of the room.
Meredith returned from the kitchen to find Carson had statjacked her facebook profile, again. It now read "Carson is the BEST!!!! He's my favorite child."
by LakotaGirl September 04, 2010
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Short for "Status hijacking".When someone takes over another person's social networking status by posting comments and banter,usually without the statee's online presence.Going off subject on the original status point.
I'm really bored so I'm going to stat jack some friends.
by nan nan November 27, 2009
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