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A gathering of actual homosexuals. Features include public baths, showering, and male body exposion.
If you go to Static2k on a regular basis, you problably have an STD or AIDs.
by A hater October 19, 2003
found this on place on google. agree with other replies.

This place is just like a good percentage of the web is...complete trash
Static2k is really great if you like hip hip. dont like hip hop, you should die, eh. yes, eh.
by Cat Man Do, Africa November 24, 2003
1) Idiots who call themselves rappers
2) Idiots who drink lots of "Faygo" which you can buy at Fiesta for 25 cents a bottle.
3) Idiots who rip off the cover art of a Mike Patton album and apply it to their face.
4) People who make shitty movies.
5) Idiots who do all of the above.
All of Static2k
by Tommy October 20, 2003
A place where non-inovative people come together and rave about their meaningless lives.
Static2k is a waste of time. The creator, Jason, should be shot numerious times while being raped up the ass.
by Saftey Pin October 19, 2003
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