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Laying on your back with arms and legs outstretched to make yourself look like a starfish, then inserting each hand and foot into a different woman's vagina.
"Is Zach done double-spocking his moms yet?"
"Yeah, but he's busy starfisting them now."
by SlipperySeaSnake69 June 15, 2014
When engaging in coitus, an individual shoves one's hand up the vaginal canal while simultaneously opening their palm and spreading their fingers within the canal. Usually accompanied by the sudden declaration of "STARFIST!"Extremely painful to the vagina.
Jenny: "So what do you wanna do tonight?"

Forrest: "Well I don't kn--STARFIST!"

Jenny: "*&$*#($*%#*$#@#!#$(*%" "I didn't mean starfisting!"
by BrownManRah August 04, 2011
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