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A high-top basketball shoe that sells for $14.98. Also known as "The Starbury One".
They're endorsed by New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, and designed by Steve and Barry's Sportswear.
Is he wearing expensive Nike? is he wearing pricy Adidas?. Nah, he's wearing cheap -but cool- Starbury One shoes.
by MeliSer September 07, 2006
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To disrespectfully ejaculate on a (wo)man
My girlfriend cheated on me so I starbury'ed on her face
by KC123456789 July 10, 2008
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A high-quality hightop sneaker that retails for only $15.
Scenario 1: ZOMG ROFL he's wearin Starbury One's LMAO, my trapper keeper cost more than that you lame ass - "kid gets jumped".

Scenario 2: Mom, all I want for my birthday is a new pair of tight ass kicks. Get's Starburys = FFFUCK!
by ballzdeepnyazz October 10, 2006
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