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A line made up of ketamine, cocaine and pure mdma snorted nasally. The resultant effect occurs in three distinct stages:

Initial intense cocaine high, leading to several minutes of konfusion before the user moves blissfully to a state of ecstasy.
Rack me up a starburst.
by Soulforce June 10, 2008
35 31
A mode of space travel akin to making a jump to "hyperspace" (as in Star Wars). Only a leviathan spaceship can starburst. Starbursting has a partially random output vector, so you never quite know where you will end up. From the TV show Farscape.
"Talyn, starburst"
"Tell Moya to go to starburst now!"
"We've lost them. They went to starburst."
by Artemus Sol March 13, 2004
37 35
A sexual act in which the hand is inserted into the anus and the fingers are spread out to maximize pleasure
Starbursting is only for the super troopers of anal stimulation.
by Stupendis December 07, 2013
1 0
A woman (or girl) from the ages between 13-34 who is thick and juicy, like a starburst
Man: i was at the club and i swear to you i had a starburst

Man 2: ohh yeah i heard about that she was a twitpic, the only thing thick and juicy about her was her arm muscle, ha you were with a tranny

Man: But she was DTF tho'
by TimHeManColeman April 30, 2012
4 4
to place a penis within the anus of another person
Oh baby, may I please star-burst your ass?
by Chantilly Lace February 03, 2007
2 7
During (or after) sex, the blurs of color you get after you try to move, get up, walk, etc afterwards. Starburst can make you temporarily blind until lights come on, or until you get a rush of blood to your head. Good luck making it to a stand, that is, if your knees don't give on you on the way up.
Girl: "Okay, let's change positions."

Guy: *pant* "Yeah, just gimme a sec...I'm starbursting big time right now."
by Chris Conkle August 24, 2007
12 20
Word favored by corporate managers to describe the act of bursting forth or blossoming.
I think this engagement will enable our reallocated resources to starburst their skills in a positive, creative manner.
by cribbageGuy April 12, 2004
9 17