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In PlayStation2's GUITAR HERO, star power is ready after your meter has reached a certain level, allowing a bonus multipler until your star power runs out. This is activated by the words "STAR POWER READY!" cueing you to sweep your guitar vertically in typical rocker style, or you can wuss out and press select for the same effect.

In real life, a person will get ballsy after realizing or hearing from his buddies that if he's "star power ready"...carpe diem, rock star! Bonus confidence and self esteem!
Guy: There goes Melissa, man I've wanted to hit that for years!
Dude: Star power ready, homeslice.
Guy: Dude...I'm totally gonna go for it this time. My star power IS ready!!!
Dude: You rock!
by MyDigitalis July 19, 2006

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