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hurt or angry
yo that gyal pissed me off shes got me stanging
by a.r.o.e March 24, 2010
Driving around in your Ford Mustang.
I just love stangin' around the lake on a hot summer's day!
by Car-roll Shelby December 07, 2006
Aussie slang for chilling, hanging, chillaxing, doing nothing, kickin' back.

Generally used by surfers, or just bogans.
- mate this swell is peelin' wanna hit up the reef?
- yeah mate, i'll be out later i'm just stangin at the bar
by lachie September 17, 2007
chilling, chillaxing, not doing much, hanging, kicking back
mace: wanna come round for a few beers and watch the footy?
lach: yeah mate i'll be round later, i'm just stangin at the beach
by lachie September 17, 2007
Just driving around in your mustang, ripping apart 80,000 cars, then getting a dirty look that you paid 30k for your stang and it just wooped an M6.
This cat in a black BMW just gave me the dirtiest look in the world because I passed him at 120mph on LSD...Dude relax...I'm just stangin.
by N. Side Stang June 26, 2009
to be exceedingly gorgeous and hot, in a way that makes you seem irresistible to whichever sex you appeal to
it can also be filler for any given word

I am a stangin beast.
what the stang is she doing?
I'd rather stang a dinosaur.
when stangin, I tend to smile.
this gatorade is the epitome of stang.
how was the test? it went stanginly!
how would you describe julia's father? STANG-OSITY!
by mikkyyy January 31, 2008
Combination of "stingin'" and "stainin'" first (I think..) used by Krayzie Bone (of Bone Thugs N Harmony)in the song Runnin' n Gunnin' ft. Young Noble
from Krayzie's verse..

...the murda mangala', strangala, dangerous, aimin' at cho muthafuckin' cranium, stangin' them,
niggas wit lyrics....
by kapatel April 02, 2007