hurt or angry
yo that gyal pissed me off shes got me stanging
by a.r.o.e March 24, 2010
Top Definition
Aussie slang for chilling, hanging, chillaxing, doing nothing, kickin' back.

Generally used by surfers, or just bogans.
- mate this swell is peelin' wanna hit up the reef?
- yeah mate, i'll be out later i'm just stangin at the bar
by lachie September 17, 2007
chilling, chillaxing, not doing much, hanging, kicking back
mace: wanna come round for a few beers and watch the footy?
lach: yeah mate i'll be round later, i'm just stangin at the beach
by lachie September 17, 2007
Driving around in your Ford Mustang.
I just love stangin' around the lake on a hot summer's day!
by Car-roll Shelby December 07, 2006
Just driving around in your mustang, ripping apart 80,000 cars, then getting a dirty look that you paid 30k for your stang and it just wooped an M6.
This cat in a black BMW just gave me the dirtiest look in the world because I passed him at 120mph on LSD...Dude relax...I'm just stangin.
by N. Side Stang June 26, 2009
to be exceedingly gorgeous and hot, in a way that makes you seem irresistible to whichever sex you appeal to
it can also be filler for any given word

I am a stangin beast.
what the stang is she doing?
I'd rather stang a dinosaur.
when stangin, I tend to smile.
this gatorade is the epitome of stang.
how was the test? it went stanginly!
how would you describe julia's father? STANG-OSITY!
by mikkyyy January 31, 2008
Combination of "stingin'" and "stainin'" first (I think..) used by Krayzie Bone (of Bone Thugs N Harmony)in the song Runnin' n Gunnin' ft. Young Noble
from Krayzie's verse..

...the murda mangala', strangala, dangerous, aimin' at cho muthafuckin' cranium, stangin' them,
niggas wit lyrics....
by kapatel April 02, 2007
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