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A very prestigious university situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. Stanford rocks infinitely more than Harvard or MIT in the humanities, sciences, engineering, and especially life in general. Great exit opportunities, cutting edge research, and first-rate academics are just a few of the benefits at Stanford. It is the most complete university out there, and may very well be the quintessential school for the 21st century.
MIT student: Stanford is easy as hell. Its Computer Science classes cannot compare to our intense 6.170 and its biology classes remind me of home ec.

Stanford student: Pssh...when all is said and done, just know that at the end of the day I will have better grades, better employment opportunities, better connections, and better friends than douchebags like you. You'll have to lie on your resume just to be as employable as me.
by StanfordFan May 17, 2007
1401 400
A private university located in California. Stanford is considered one of the United States' best schools, along with Harvard and Yale. Stanford is extremely difficult to enter. It has the lowest acceptance rate of Harvard and Yale.
My friend who got a 4.6 GPA and a 1600 SAT was rejected from Stanford.
by Considered harmful June 04, 2006
1896 613
A very rich and prestigious university in Palo Alto, California. Quite possibly soon going to eclipse Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc for the title of most competitive USA college. Students come from all over the USA and the world to live in this palm lined elegance that is called Stanford. The best and most beautiful private school in the entire world.
Idiot: Hey I'm applying to Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Columbia.
Smart kid: Rejected from Stanford ??
Idiot: (crying) Yeah, just shut up about it! (crying more)
by Stanford_man_SFO February 23, 2008
1128 279
The university you wish you went to.
Student 1: Oh dear God, why oh why was I rejected form Stanford?

Student 2: Don't cry - no, wait - yeah, you should weep bitterly. Not everyone can get into Stanford, where an awesome time, academic excellence, the coolest people you will ever meet, and a future are guaranteed.
by A Stanford Student :) December 16, 2008
785 316
Every girl's favorite accessory - a gay male friend she can call up to do lunch or go shopping when her girlfriends cancel.

Derived from the television series Sex and the City, in which Carrie Bradshaw's gay accessory was named Stanford Blatch.
Can't make lunch, be-otch - where's your Stanford at?
by 47texts March 11, 2011
125 127
The best computer science school, ever.
Student # 4056: I'm applying to stanford, and an admission officier is viewing this right now!

Student's Friend: You can't get into stanford!

Student # 4056: Your mother.
by 8194056 December 29, 2011
66 84
ITT: A bunch of elitist butthurt retards.
Person 1: I'm so awesome, I got to Stanford. Everyone be jealous of me because I go to Stanford! You all just wish you could go to Stanford. etc.

Person 2: Dude, stfu nobody gives a shit about your crappy elitist school.
by God_in_a_Box October 11, 2010
249 275