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A very old system of measurement which is used by Britain and the U.S.
These are the basic and not so basic measurements of length in order.

barleycorn (570,240 in a lea.)
inch (3 bc.)
hand (4 in.)
foot (3 hd.)
yard (3 ft.)
fathom (2 yrd.)
furlong (110 fm.)
mile (16 fur.)
league (3 mi)

Some people insist that a rod (don't let your mind stray) is part of the standard, but, since it doesn't multiply like the others (a rod is 16.5 feet), I wouldn't include it.
Americans and Brits use the standard system because we want to be different from the rest of the world — were not some sort of brain-washed, fluoride-addicted zombie — we are indies! (My apologies to anyone who has no idea what I just wrote)
by Knighshade July 11, 2004