Mr. Spider-Man, Mr. Marvel, and most recently, Revolver Ocelot!
"He is a co-producer of Spider-Man. Also, on a cooler note, you can find him at videogame conventions like E3, sometimes with Hideo Kojima! ^.^ "
by Dave October 12, 2004
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the genius behind marvel comics, and some of the best characters ever. he has the job that we all want, and a pretty dudey moustache go go with it !
we love stan lee, i wish i had a moustache
by phil and eve the geniuses June 11, 2004
The most awesomest person ever. Is credited with all of Marvel Comics best work. Also, can kick Jack Kirby's ass.
Dude, I just had a total geekgasm!!! I just saw Stan Lee kicking Jack Kirby's ass!!!
by T3h sn34ky H0bbi7s3s December 21, 2008
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