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A man that has really small genitals and always seeks out a stall to piss in in a public restroom, rather than run the risk of going to the urinal and having someone see his small penis, thus ruining his reputation and life. A stallpisser's greatest fear is the trough-like urinal where like 10 dudes line-up and take a piss in plain view of the other dudes. If a bar's restroom is set-up especially bad, the stallpisser may even resort to leaving the premises and pissing in a back alley or another store. Alexander the Great, Grover Cleveland, Danny Glover and Gandhi are four of the most famous stallpissers in world history. The stallpisser's biggest enemy is the close-pisser; a guy who pulls up to piss right next to you when there are 4 or 5 other urinals open.
Rick: "I gotta piss fucking bad man."
Roger: "There's the bathroom, go piss."
Rick: "There's a guy snorting coke in the stall and I can't fucking piss at the urinal man."
Roger: "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Rick: "I'm a stallpisser. I only piss in the stall."
by John Planet November 19, 2007
A guy who pisses in the stalls instead of the urinals.
Dude, take a piss in the urinals you stall-pisser.
by al-x smithy January 08, 2007
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