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The news feed on Facebook that tells you a bit too much about your friends and their Facebook related activities.
Joe: "Hey man, I just found out about your breakup. Sorry."

Ryan: "How did you know already?"

Joe: "My stalker-feed on Facebook told me!"
by Blakeley November 27, 2007
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An alternate name for mini feed on Facebook, emphasizing its stalkeresque nature. Especially the feed on the home page of Facebook.
No, I wasnt creeping on your profile, the stuff just comes up on stalker feed!
by Alphus November 24, 2007
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The newsfeed introduced to Facebook in the September 2011 update that lets you see every comment, like and post your friends make on Facebook.

The term stalkerfeed arises from Facebook naming the feature the new 'livefeed' and the practice of facestalking which the feature now allows you to do from your homepage.
Bob: Bro, did you see that picture of Alisha that Simon commented on?
Connor: No, I'm not a facestalker.
Bob: You don't need to, just use the stalkerfeed!
by FaceStalker October 05, 2011
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A feature of Facebook otherwise (and officially) known as the mini-feed. Introduced in the Fall of 2006, the stalker-feed posts the ten most recent actions of a user on display in their profile.
"Did you know that Colleen and Andy are meeting up next week?"
"Well I didn't until I saw Colleen's wall post on her stalker-feed."
"Yeah me too!"
"Then I hopped over to Andy and Colleen's Wall-to-Wall and stalked a little more!"
by Bryce Bus November 09, 2007
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