An unchanging state. Described by Bruce Lee as "like stale water."
"Christianity is stagnant"
#stale #boring #tedious #unchanging #uniform
by Jii January 15, 2006
Top Definition
Unchanging state.
Being stuck in the same situation.
Not moving on.
Antagonizing, worsening, not getting over a situation. see dramify
Move on, stop remaining stagnant.

Get over it, get on with your life!

Why are you continuing this issue of sports illustrated magazines? Haven't you heard of

ipad and tablets?

No, Brian Urlacher will not be returning, get over it.
#stagnant #move on #life #move forward #let go #delete from memory #antagonize #worsen the problem
by Fwords22 March 21, 2013
A woman who doesn't get a lot of sex - she gets so little her vagina has 'stagnated'
(similiar to haggard)
Man 1 - "Mate, did you see that bird?!"
Man 2 - "I know, bare stagnant!"
#stagnant #sex #vagina #woman #haggard
by Wensley December 20, 2011
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