A Stacy is a rare breed of women. They have the most beautiful hair and the kindest, prettiest eyes you'll ever see. Always loving and understanding, They make the best friends, daughters, wife, and mothers. They always put everyone before themselves, especially their children. They're easy to love and are very loving. They love god with all their heart and others just the same. Stacey's make the best food because it's always made with love. Very intelligent, bright smile, vivid imagination, loves The Ellen Degenerous Show along with most daytime television.
"You have the best mom in the world! She must be a Stacy!"

"Did you hear Stacy at church today?"

"Yes, that Stacy has a voice of angel."
by Middlechild"d" November 25, 2013
Alternate term for ecstasy. Used mostly when trying to disguise what one is talking about.
Is stacy going to be at the party tonight?
by MandaWooWoo July 11, 2011
A name meaning sock lover. They love all socks, any and all kinds such as cool socks, geeky ones, stripeded, checkered, and even naughty ones. Being named Stacy pretty much means you're one of the most amayzazing people ever.
Did you see that girl's awesome socks with the penguins!? She must be a Stacy.
by aznmnky November 29, 2011
An awesome person,Caring,Intellegent,Loves her friends. Makes online friends more often that in real life friends. Dreams of having the perfect life and Guy/bf. Has fears. (of course) Loves Games,Art/Drawing. Very talented. Has a hard time in her life but deals with it. Has good friends. Some traits maybe are: Encouraging,Caring,Loving.
-Stacy:Hi! I'm new and when I saw your profile I thought you looked cool! And I wanted to be friends with you! If it's ok then Yay! If not then that's fine.
by Defines random things July 07, 2016
Used to reference the legal high substance known as "spice".
Marijuana is mary or mary jane, spice is stacy.
"Yo dawg i got a good ass sack of some mary jane (mary), you want too smoke some?"

"Nah dude, im smoking some of this stacy. She's crazy"
by theReAl kid louie December 29, 2011
plural noun. A gathering of former cheerleaders, often from New Jersey. Their common bond is that they've all had elective plastic surgery to make up for "God's mistakes."
This term is used in a way similar to "a gaggle of geese," "a herd of deer (heard of deer? of course i've heard of deer)," or "a murder of crows." It should never be used in the context of "A Flock of Seagulls," unless the stacies still have big hair.
stacy 1: oh, hi, stacy!! love your hair!! how's your husband, you know, the guy i used to sleep with?
stacy 2: well hello, dear!! he's just fine, thank you. his rash finally cleared up.
stacy 3: hey girls, i can still fit in my old uniform!!
stacy 4: well, considering you were a size 42 in high school, that's no accomplishment.
stacy 5: now that's enough catty talk from you sluts...i mean, you ladies.
don the waiter: oh hell, another group of stacies. lousy tippers and louder than giant stadium.
ted the bartender: don't sweat it man. besides, stacies are good for a quick one out in the parking lot. all you have to do is tell them how young and gorgeous they look.
by earpuller March 18, 2006
A girl who is always angry, she is Salvadorian, a girl who u dont fuck with. Yet, when she wants to, she can be the sweetest, most down to earth chick you will meet... Have a great.... and very MEXICAN day in Van Nuys Bithces... ;)
girl: eyyy foo, is dat estaicy bout to get daun?
boy: is that a dude shes slappin up?
girl: naaa foo, dats a dike ;)
boy: tahaaa good shit.. FUCK! We forgot the popcorn!
by Gorge Washington August 06, 2012
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