A woman who is a basic woman with no class. A promiscuous woman that enjoys multiple sexual partners. A woman that believes money is power yet has three dollars to her name. A Caucasian THOT.
Hey bro, what happened to that girl you left with last night? OH her, she was a total Stacy. we got back to my place and before we even got in the house she had her hand down my pants. THOT is an understatement compared to this Stacy right here.
by darealdaddypants July 04, 2014
A woman who craves attention good or bad.Two Faced,attention whore
Yo dude I seen your ex girlfriend hanging with the new priest.

Yeah shes such a stacy
by cold_hearted_snake December 18, 2011
The coolest guy/girl u will ever know, aka my bf haha.
"omg did you see what Stacy did?"
"what, wait, which one?"
"the guy, he was dancing half naked in school"
"I know.. and special......"
by lottiedottie101 October 27, 2008
another name for exstacy, or rolls.
Hey, lets go to a party and do some stacy.
by Durp Durr May 04, 2007
To insert the index and middle finger into an unsuspecting rectum.
Holy shit dude, I was just walking up the stairs in front of Kyle, and apparently I wasn't walking fast enough so he stacy-ed me!
by bigdeiser November 02, 2009
A woman who dresses in lumberjack apparel and shouts out orders in ebonics to the people who work for her.
I tells everyone hows they supposed to be busy when theys dont have no rag in they hands clean them hidden cameras cuz I feels like being a Stacy today...
by Kalopaluffaguss January 16, 2009

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